Chris Dimarco

Commencing at an architectural firm in 1992, Chris spent the next ten years working for a range of architecture practices in Queensland and Victoria, culminating with a two-year stint at SJB Architects in Melbourne working on the design development and construction documentation of high rise towers which ignited his passion for ethical, high-density social housing models.


Upon returning to Queensland in 2002, Chris worked for CA Architects before starting his own practice in 2004. In a contract arrangement with developer Glencorp, he was primarily responsible for the design and town planning approval of affordable, high-density housing projects in Cairns, Townsville and Brisbane. In this period he travelled extensively researching alternative building typologies, exploring places including Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Florida, Singapore and Las Vegas to conduct R&D on new models of affordable, scalable housing.


In the last 12 years, his team has run a diversity of projects from housing, commercial, medium-rise to large scale projects in the concept and schematic design/design development, town planning and documentation phases throughout Australia. His educational qualifications include Bachelor of Applied Science (Architecture) from Curtin University, Perth; a Grad Cert in Building Design with the Built Environment Design Institute and he currently holds an Open Building Design License in Queensland. He will complete his Masters in Architecture at Curtin University by the end of 2020.