Fuse the lessons of yesterday with the technology of today as a creative method to solve the problems of tomorrow.

Mission Statement

Captivate people with ethical architecture that solves problems and enhances life by inspiring, educating and collaborating with our clients and their community.

The primary goal of Dimarco Designs is to provide a high-quality ethical design platform that solves problems through the elements of creativity, education and inspiration. Our team endeavours to provide our clients with responsible design solutions that are sensitive to place (environmental, social and cultural) and acknowledges intergenerational responsibility.


We are very passionate about the fusion of high tech and low tech through the architectural design process where we start each project with the rawness of fine art and finish with a fully resolved render.

The Process

The essential element to our client relationships is mentoring our client through their project with an emphasis on education where they enjoy the process. We believe if our clients feel they are learning new things about design we can engage them on a higher level. For this reason, our project research during the concept and schematic stages are about establishing an educational collaboration between designer and client.


Our Team

Our team are our creative family who share similar goals and a commitment to finding new knowledge and better processes to create symbiosis between humans and the natural world. Our business focuses on high-quality work by very highly skilled practitioners who are passionate about change and inspired by collective thinking as a means to solve big problems.