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The Vertically Integrated Architectural Housing Platform

The architect can become the entity that enables mass affordable habitation where Habitat-Z is the urban planner, architect, developer, builder, real estate agent, bank, tradie, service agent etc. Then the people in the suburb can focus on growing healthy community and trees. Furthermore the architecture firm can enable affordable mass housing by merging two technological innovations: the BIM Model and the Blockchain. Habitat Z can integrate the BIM model with technological innovations in the construction sector such as 3D Printing as a means to a vertically integrated supply chain which eliminates all non-value producing middlemen and improves housing affordability.

The benefits include:

  • Democratic home ownership: by making the home affordable by removing redundant layers and removing the multiple middlemen such as the bank, the developer, the estate agent from the construction of new housing and suburbs.

  • The BIM model integrates the buildings processes by vertically integrating the financial and construction supply chain.

  • The consumer becomes a prosumer which results in sustainable innovations which is essential to fix humankind’s environmental destruction.

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